Single Vision Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

If you struggle with clear vision for near or far objects, you might require prescription lenses. These eyeglasses, known as single vision lenses, correct only one type of vision or refractive error. At Iconic Eyecare, we provide single vision eyeglasses to enhance your vision. Call us to schedule an eye exam with Dr. Brar, our eye doctor. Our office serves patients in and around Surrey, South Surrey, and White Rock, BC.

Single Vision Lenses

What Are Single Vision Lenses?

Single vision lenses are designed to correct one type of refractive error. For example, you might wear them if you're nearsighted. Nearsightedness allows you to see close-up objects clearly, while distant objects appear blurry. Single vision lenses address nearsightedness, ensuring clear vision for distant objects. This distinguishes them from lenses that correct multiple refractive errors.

What Vision Problems Do Single Vision Lenses Correct?

These lenses can correct various refractive errors, including nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). Farsightedness causes clarity issues with close-up objects, while single vision lenses for astigmatism correct blurred vision at varying distances due to irregular corneal shape. They are also effective for presbyopia, making it easier to focus on close objects as you age.

Single Vision Lenses vs. Other Prescription Lenses

Single vision lenses specifically address one refractive error. In contrast, other prescription lenses can correct vision at multiple distances, such as progressive lenses, bifocal lenses, and trifocal lenses. If you struggle with clarity at different distances, these multifocal lenses might be more suitable.

When to Schedule an Eye Exam

Routine eye exams should be conducted annually or as needed. When seeking an optometrist near you for these exams, visit Iconic Eyecare. Dr. Brar will examine your eyes and determine the prescription needed for improved vision. Depending on your vision needs, this may involve single vision lenses or other types. Our extensive frame selection ensures you find the right look, whether opting for single vision or multifocal lenses.

Visit Our Eye Doctor in Surrey for Prescription Lenses

In search of an optometrist near you for eyeglasses? Contact Iconic Eyecare at 604-385-6396 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brar. Let Dr. Brar assist you in selecting the ideal single vision lenses to correct your vision.

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