Progressives Lenses

Are you experiencing vision changes as you get older? You might need what are known as multifocal eyeglasses, such as progressive lenses. These prescription lenses are beneficial for correcting vision problems at multiple distances. Iconic Eyecare in Surrey, BC, offers progressive lenses in a wide range of designs for patients across the Surrey, South Surrey, and White Rock areas. Continue reading to learn more about progressive lenses and how they can help your visual needs.

Progressives Lenses

What Are Progressive Lenses?

You can use these prescription lenses to see clearly at more than one distance. Your eyes undergo changes that can affect your vision at different distances as you age. For example, you might need to hold books farther away from your face to see clearly, or you might take off your regular prescription lenses to see items up close. These eye changes require multifocal lenses to correct your vision. Progressive lenses consist of multiple prescriptions that allow you to see clearly at all distances.

How Progressive Lenses Work

These lenses have different zones that correct vision at various distances, such as up close, intermediate, and far away. These zones create a gradual or progressive change in your ability to see instead of a sudden or distinct change that occurs with bifocal lenses. Progressive lenses usually have a top part that corrects distance vision, a middle section for intermediate vision, and a bottom part for near vision.

Progressive Lenses vs. Other Lenses

Progressive lenses and single-vision lenses have no visible lines. However, single-vision lenses only correct one kind of refractive error, while progressive lenses correct your vision at multiple distances. Bifocal and trifocal lenses correct your vision at varying distances, but these lenses have noticeable lines. These lines create a more abrupt change in vision as you look at objects up close or further away. Progressive lenses do not have any lines that disrupt your vision, and these lenses can help correct presbyopia. An eye exam with our eye doctor can help determine which kind of lens best suits your visual needs.

Get Progressive Lenses From an Optometrist Near Me in Surrey, BC, Today

Progressive lenses contain multiple prescription lenses in one pair to help you see objects at all distances clearly as you age, so contact Iconic Eyecare in Surrey, BC, to get progressive lenses today. We service patients across the Surrey, South Surrey, and White Rock areas, so call us and schedule an eye exam at (604) 385-6396 if you are in the area and want to try progressive lenses for your vision correction needs.

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