What can I expect from a comprehensive eye exam at Iconic?

Your exam starts with a few pre-exam tests which includes measuring your eye pressures and taking retinal photos. Then one of our doctors of optometry will review your medical history and address any specific concerns you have, update your glasses prescription, and assess other features of your ocular function including your colour vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and eye movements and alignment. The doctor will also do a very thorough health check of the front surface of your eyes, and the inside of your eyes through optional dilation. 

How long does an eye exam take? 

Eye exam length varies depending on the level of complexity of your eye health, but on average it takes about 30 minutes. 

How much does an eye exam cost? 

Eye exams are fully covered for kids under 19 years of age by MSP, and partially covered for seniors and diabetics (we only charge a $55 copay which we can submit to your insurance). Routine eye exams for adults aged 19-64 are $110. 

I want to start wearing contacts, how do I do that? 

We’ve got you covered! If you haven’t had an eye exam within the last year, start by booking a comprehensive eye exam with us. At that time, the doctor will put aside contact lens trials in your latest prescription and bring you back for a training session. We will teach you all the tips and tricks for insertion and removal of your contacts, and how to care for them well. Once you’ve successfully completed your training, you will go home with the remaining trials to ensure they work for you in your day-to-day life. Then you will come back for one last follow-up with our doctor to ensure the lenses fit well and that you’re happy with them before you’re ready to purchase your supply. 

I already wear contacts but they’re not working for me anymore and I want to try new ones. 

No problem – during your eye exam, you can express your concerns with your current lenses to the doctor, and she will be happy to re-fit you. The doctor will determine which new lens might work best for you and get your set up with trials so that you can try them out to make sure you like them before purchasing.

How much do your glasses cost?

We have frames that suit everyone’s budget! We have good quality glasses that start as low as $99. There’s something for everyone in our store. 

I have a prescription already, can I buy glasses at your store? Do I need an appointment? 

Of course you can! Walk in anytime during our business hours (no appointment necessary) and just bring your latest prescription with you. Our staff will be ready to help you find the perfect pair of glasses.

What do I need to bring to my eye exam? 

If you’re new to us, make sure you bring your B.C. Service Card (it has your PHN on the back), your extended health insurance information if you have it, a list of your current medications if you don’t know them already, and any glasses you currently use (even if they’re broken or just over-the-counter readers). If you are a contact lens wearer, make sure to take a picture of your boxes so the doctor can document what brand and prescription you’re currently wearing in each eye. 

Will I get a copy of my glasses prescription? 

Absolutely! You will leave our clinic with a copy of your new glasses prescription in hand. As we are a full service optical store as well, we can help you find your new pair of glasses right outside the exam room when you’re done! 

Do you direct bill my insurance? 

We direct bill most insurances for you, including Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Green Shield, Equitable Life, Des Jardins, Sunlife, Canada Life, Telus Health and others.

How early should my child get an eye exam? Do they even really need it? 

We recommend a child’s first eye exam be between 6 months and 1 year old, and then again annually from 3 years old onwards. It is really important to make sure your child’s vision and eye health is normal from a young age, even if it doesn’t seem like anything is wrong. Plus, they’re fully covered under MSP for their eye exams, so you don’t have to pay a dime for their check-ups!

What is an optometrist and how are they different from an ophthalmologist? 

An optometrist is like the family doctor of your eyes – we make sure your eyes are functioning normally and screen for all eye disease. If at any point you have a very complex ocular health issue or need medical or surgical intervention, we will refer you to an eye specialist (an ophthalmologist)! 

Do you see eye emergencies? 

YES! If you wake up with a red eye, something flies in your eye, or your eye got scratched by your pet, CALL US. Our eye doctors are fully qualified to diagnose and manage your eye emergencies, and it is way easier than sitting in the ER for hours. Plus, it is fully covered under MSP just like if you were to go to your family doctor or the hospital. 

Do you do laser surgery? 

We do not do refractive laser surgery, you have to see an ophthalmologist for that. But our doctors of optometry can talk to you about whether or not you’re a good candidate for the surgery, and teach you about the different types of procedures available. They can also recommend good laser clinics if you are unsure on where to go for your consultation.

How often should I get an eye exam?

We recommend every 1 to 2 years for a routine comprehensive eye exam, but our doctors will see you in follow-up for any small thing that might come up before your routine check-up, including eye emergencies.

How long will it take to get my glasses? 

Single vision glasses can take as little as two days, while progressive or bifocals may take up to ten days.

I still really like my frame and I don’t want to change them, can I just get new lenses for them?

Definitely! You can replace the lenses in your own frame with your latest prescription. And if you’re worried that you won’t be able to be without your glasses for a few days, don’t worry – we will call you when your lenses are ready and you can just wait for 20-30 minutes while we cut the lenses into your frame.

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