Providing the right eyeglasses for you

We rely on our five senses to navigate the world. If one of these senses isn’t functioning correctly, it can significantly affect your overall well-being. That is why it is imperative to take proper care of your eyesight. From annual eye exams to corrective lenses, our eye doctor provides you with the appropriate care and guidance needed to keep your eyes healthy and decrease vision loss throughout your lifetime. Our team at Iconic Eyecare in Surrey offers patients the latest technology and treatment methods for facilitating quality eye care.

Eyeglasses and vision Exams

There are several eye tests that we commonly use. The first is a visual acuity test that determines how well someone can see near and far distances. A refraction test indicates if someone is suffering from myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Our optometrist also tests your depth perception and peripheral vision. As part of a comprehensive eye exam, we test color vision, perception, and eye focusing ability. It is essential to know whether you suffer from any of these issues to understand your visual limitations better. Understanding your limits allows you to work around them instead of letting them hold you back.

Choosing glasses

If it is determined that you need corrective lenses to have optimum eyesight, we will help you decide which glasses will work best with your face shape, and what color frames go with your skin, hair, and eye color. We also provide different kinds of coatings for your eyeglasses, such as anti-reflective coating that helps cut down on glare. If you are both farsighted and nearsighted, you may benefit from bifocals or progressive lenses. We can go over all the different eyewear options we provide, so you can find the best pair for you. At Iconic Eyecare, we offer an array of styles, designer frames, and colors of eyeglasses for you to choose from to find a pair that best fits your lifestyle and preferences. 

Visit our optometrist for a vision exam in Surrey, BC

Here at Iconic Eyecare, we care about your vision and eye health as much as you do. That is why we offer a relaxing and professional environment to make you comfortable during your eye examination appointments. If you need corrective lenses but don’t want to wear eyeglasses, we also provide contact lens services. Contact us today to see how we can help patients in and around the Surrey area.  

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a comprehensive eye exam at Iconic?

Your exam starts with a few pre-exam tests which includes measuring your eye pressures and taking retinal photos. Then one of our doctors of optometry will review your medical history and address any specific concerns you have, update your glasses prescription, and assess other features of your ocular function including your colour vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and eye movements and alignment. The doctor will also do a very thorough health check of the front surface of your eyes, and the inside of your eyes through optional dilation. 

How long does an eye exam take? 

Eye exam length varies depending on the level of complexity of your eye health, but on average it takes about 30 minutes. 

How much does an eye exam cost? 

Eye exams are fully covered for kids under 19 years of age by MSP, and partially covered for seniors and diabetics (we only charge a $55 copay which we can submit to your insurance). Routine eye exams for adults aged 19-64 are $110. 

Will I get a copy of my glasses prescription? 

Absolutely! You will leave our clinic with a copy of your new glasses prescription in hand. As we are a full service optical store as well, we can help you find your new pair of glasses right outside the exam room when you’re done! 

Do you direct bill my insurance? 

We direct bill most insurances for you, including Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Green Shield, Equitable Life, Des Jardins, Sunlife, Canada Life, Telus Health and others.

How early should my child get an eye exam? Do they even really need it? 

We recommend a child’s first eye exam be between 6 months and 1 year old, and then again annually from 3 years old onwards. It is really important to make sure your child’s vision and eye health is normal from a young age, even if it doesn’t seem like anything is wrong. Plus, they’re fully covered under MSP for their eye exams, so you don’t have to pay a dime for their check-ups!

What our patients say

Fantastic service! My teenage daughter and I both had eye exams and purchased new glasses. All the staff were friendly, knowledgable and helpful.

– Susan C.

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