Dry Eye

Symptoms associated with dry eye

Common symptoms of dry eye are burning, gritty sensations, and ironically, watering! You may experience fluctuating vision as well. 

How an eye doctor can help

Visiting our eye doctor can make a significant impact on your dry eyes. We will assess your medical history and find the root cause of your dry eyes. We evaluate your overall eye health, including your tear glands and cornea’s health, to provide additional information about the source of your symptoms. Often, we manage dry eyes with simple changes in your daily routine. As part of your consultation, we will work with you to find a daily routine beneficial to your eyes. Prescribing lubricating eye drops may be necessary, depending on your situation with dry eyes.

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If you are suffering from dry eye disease, our optometry team here at Iconic Eyecare can help patients in and around the Surrey area. Dry eye disease can also cause swelling of the eyes and scratches on the corneal surface.

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What our patients say

Fantastic service! My teenage daughter and I both had eye exams and purchased new glasses. All the staff were friendly, knowledgable and helpful.

– Susan C.

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