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Welcome to Iconic Eye Care in Surrey, your one-stop shop for all things related to improving your eyes and vision! We offer eye care solutions for eyeglasses, contacts, prescription eyewear, and preventative eye care services. Visit our optometrist when you need help with the following conditions.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Our licensed optometrist and eye care team offer comprehensive eye exams to assess your overall health. Comprehensive eye exams and pediatric eye exams can help identify or rule out eye conditions, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other eye diseases.

Contact Lens Exams

If you prefer to wear contacts instead of eyeglasses for vision correction, our experienced eye care team has you covered. A contact lens exam provides your optometrist with key eye measurements for contact lens fitting. Our optometrist will complete your contact lens exam and recommend the best pair of trial contact lenses to help improve your vision.

Contact Lens Fittings

Contact lens fittings are an integral part of wearing contacts for new contact lens wearers. Your eye care professional will complete an eye exam to help them assess the health of your eyes, locate the center of your lenses, and determine if you have any eye allergies or eye infections. The goal of comprehensive contact lens fittings is to rule out eye infections and eye allergies and to ensure that your selected lenses provide the best vision when positioned over your cornea.

Eyeglass Fittings

Much like contact lens fittings, eyeglass fittings involve an eye exam, and your optometrist's team taking key eye measurements to help you choose the best lenses to correct your vision. Once your eyeglasses prescription is confirmed, the next step is to choose your favorite pair of glasses from a wide variety of popular brands like Ray-Ban.

Frame and Lens Replacements

Bring your eyeglasses in for frame repair or lens replacement in the unfortunate event that your eyeglasses are damaged or broken. Our experienced eye care team can repair or replace your broken eyeglasses and help you get back on track to better vision.

Prescription Sunglasses

Your style doesn't have to end with your sunglasses. Talk to our knowledgeable eye care experts about how to get prescription sunglasses to wear when you're outside driving, at the beach, or soaking up some sun.

Optician Shop Services

Visit our optician shop for help with non-exam-related or preventative eye care services. Our eye care team is available to help you and your loved ones with the following optical services:

  • Eyeglasses Repairs and Adjustments
  • Lens Selection
  • Visual Acuity Testing
  • Eye Disease Progression Testing

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