Eye Infections

If you thought eye infections were reserved for only children, you'd be mistaken. People can get eye infections from something as simple as not washing their hands, being exposed to it from someone else with an infection, or for other reasons. It can be important for adults, teens, and children to get help to treat this condition.


At Iconic Eyecare, we help residents in Surrey, BC, get eye care treatment for their eye infections. We can help provide eye care with the help of our optometrist, who can help treat an eye infection before it spreads or even leads to complications such as vision loss. Using our optometrist, you can find relief from your eye infections in order to keep safe your eye health.

What Causes Eye Infections?

Eye infections have a wide range of causes, which can include bacterial infections, fungal infections, or viral infections invading the sensitive eye. The eye is actually an exposed organ, so they can be susceptible to eye infections in some people more than others.

If you have recurrent eye infections, then you know just how quickly this kind of ailment can spread from one to the other. In humans, conjunctivitis can also spread from person to person, make in it all the more important to get help from an optometrist as soon as possible. 

If you notice discharge, eye pain, excessive eye itching, eye redness, and swelling in your upper or lower eyelids, you may an eye infection. All of these can be indicators. 

How Can an Optometrist Treat my Eye Infections?

Our optometrist can conduct an eye exam including a vision test, checking your eyes with a light, and checking the physical shape of your eye to ensure your infection has not spread or impacted your vision. Many eye infections do not lead to complications or even blurry vision. However, if complications do arise from an infection, our optometrist can help provide medication like eyedrops to help treat your eye infection and get rid of viruses and bacteria.

Get Eye Care from Our Optometrist on Our Optometry Team for Eye Infections

At Iconic Eyecare serving Surrey, BC, we are here to help our patients find relief from their eye infections. Call us at (604) 385-6396 to schedule an appointment and get eye care. Our optometrist on our optometry team is here to help so reach out to us get treatment and relief.

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