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At Iconic Eyecare, in Surrey, BC, we provide eye care services for the entire family in a caring, nurturing, and professional environment. Utilizing the latest medical technology and practices, we are proud to offer a wide range of optometry services including eye exams, the treatment of eye diseases, and contact lens fittings. This personal care and individualized attention are just some of the reasons that individuals trust Iconic Eyecare to meet their vision health care needs.

Vision Exam and Contacts

According to The American Optometric Association, most people should schedule an eye and vision exam yearly or bi-yearly. Factors to take into consideration in scheduling exams are your general health, age, and vision health care demands. Other things to keep in mind when scheduling an appointment are if you use contact lenses or glasses, work in a vision-heavy field, take medications that have vision side effects, and history of eye disease in your family.

An Optometrist Can Help You See the Right Vision Solutions

If you experience health conditions like allergies or suffer from dry eyes, then perhaps glasses might be the most comfortable corrective solution. For those who prefer contacts, contact lenses are available in either soft or rigid gas permeable form. You can also choose from contacts that must be changed daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our optometrist will consider your eye health and your lifestyle preferences when recommending contact lenses. Specialized contact lenses, like bifocal contact lenses, are available to meet the needs of individuals with special eye conditions. 

Contacts Bring Color and Creativity into Eye Care

Custom contact lenses can be crafted to conceal any color variation or irregularity and create a natural-looking eye hue. Cosmetic lenses will allow you to change your eye color for looks ranging from everyday shades to dramatic tones. Our optometrist will help you select a pair of contact lens that covers both your medical needs and your cosmetic preferences.

Optometrist in Surrey, BC

See how contacts can make a difference in how you see the word, and how the world sees you! At Iconic Eyecare, our eye doctor has years of experience providing residents of Surrey, BC with reliable optometry services. This includes fitting patients for contact lenses. For more information or to schedule a vision exam, call us today at (604) 385-6396

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