At Iconic Eyecare, we know that taking care of your eyes is one of the most important things you can do. As we age, our eyes begin to change. You may notice your vision is blurry and you can't see well at night. These may be signs of cataracts. Cataracts are common and grow slowly over time, and it is vital to have them taken care of to improve your vision. Our clinic is located in Surrey, BC, making it convenient for patients living in South Surrey, Morgan Heights, Grandview Heights, Sunnyside, and White Rock to come in for an eye exam.

Someone's eyes with cataract

What are Cataracts?

Each of your eyes has a lens behind your iris. When proteins and fibers in the lens break down and clump together, causing a cloudy film to develop. Cataracts can be seen in one's eye in the advanced stages of the condition.

Symptoms of Cataracts

You may have cataracts if you:

  • Have cloudy or blurred vision
  • Have trouble seeing at night
  • Experience double vision
  • Need brighter light for activities such as reading
  • Are sensitive to light
  • See halos around lights
  • Notice your vision prescription is changing more frequently

Risk Factors for Cataracts

Age is the main factor for developing cataracts. It is common for individuals aged 60 and older to have cataracts. Other risk factors include a family history of cataracts, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, long-term use of corticosteroids, and frequent exposure to sunlight. You may also develop cataracts if you have sustained an eye injury or have had eye surgery.

Diagnosing Cataracts

Our optometrist can do a slit-lamp eye exam, retinal eye exam, or a refraction and visual acuity test to determine if you have cataracts.

What Happens if I Have Cataracts?

You should have your eyes checked every two years by our optometrist. If you are over 65, schedule annual appointments. Because cataracts grow slowly, our eye doctor will need to determine if and when you are ready for cataract surgery. In the meantime, there are lifestyle changes you can make to help your eyes, such as:

  • Avoid smoking and excessive drinking
  • Wear sunglasses and hats to cover your eyes when out in the sun
  • Eat a healthy diet filled with vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants

If You Have Cataracts, Contact Our Optometrist Today

If you don't have an eye doctor and live in South Surrey, Morgan Heights, Grandview Heights, Sunnyside, or White Rock, visit Iconic Eyecare in Surrey, BC, for your eye care. Call us today at (604) 385-6396 for more information on cataracts or to schedule an eye exam with our optometrist. 

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